Covid Response Level 2 and Level 1 from February 21, 2021

Our Surgeons and Staff are working hard to ensure that our medical practice meets the standards expected by the Ministry of Health for preventing the spread of Covid-19.  Our medical practice cares for elderly and vulnerable people and our Surgeons work at different hospitals around Auckland and Wellington. For us, our patients and visitors to the office this means that we need to remain vigilant because even though it may look like we are close to the end of Covid and responding well, there is still a long period of time to go. Therefore our plans remain as they have before:

Our plans include:

  1. Appropriate use of PPE and careful observance of our infection control protocols.
  2. Use of virtual consultations as needed.
  3. Most of our surgeries will proceed as normal.
  4. Use of the NZCOVID Tracer app by staff and patients.
  5. Good hand hygiene
  6. If you are sick or are concerned about having contact with someone who may have had Covid recently, please call us before coming in so that we can assess your situation.

Please call us during working hours if you have further questions on 09 5295782