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14th Annual Aesthetic Surgery Workshop

The surgeons from New Zealand Institute of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery – Glenn Bartlett, Stephen Gilbert and Janek Januszkiewicz attended the 14th Annual Aesthetic Surgery Workshop organised by the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery over the weekend of 12, 13, 14 February.

Invited speakers at this Conference included Mr Richard Warren from Vancouver Canada and Mr Alain Fogli from Marseille, France, both internationally recognised leaders in the field of aesthetic facial and breast surgery.

Points of interest from the conference included:

  • A general acceptance of the principles of volumetric face lifting aiming to restore volume to the eyelids and cheeks and in particular to restore a youthful appearance.
  • Techniques of lipostructure (fat grafting by injection).
  • Concentric malar lifting and lifting of the malar fat pad showing significant improvements over the techniques of the past.
  • General refinements to the techniques of neck and face lifting continue to be made with modifications to existing techniques, the use of newer techniques of suspension of the brow and approaches to the neck utilising less incisions.

In the field of breast surgery recognition of the benefits of multiplanar approaches to breast augmentation allow for more individualised results appropriate to each patient’s breast shape, body shape and chest wall shape. We now have the options of implants beneath the breast, beneath the chest wall fascia, beneath the chest wall muscle and combinations of these three.

It was encouraging for our surgeons to note that many of the techniques that they are using have been following these international trends and that approaches to facial and breast rejuvenation in our Institute mimic many of the approaches of the surgeons in France and Canada.

Once again this was felt to be a very useful workshop and certainly several new techniques will be introduced into our own practices over the next few months.