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Jonathan Heather, The Institute’s Fellow, Talks About His Time Spent With Us

“After completing my specialist training in Plastic Surgery I was driven to improve my knowledge and experience in the sub-specialty of Cosmetic Surgery. I was lucky enough to be taken on by Stephen, Janek and Glenn as their ‘Fellow’ (a qualified medical specialist who is undertaking further training) at the Institute where I spent the first six months of 2011.

The experience was extremely valuable to me on a number of levels. I was able to follow patients undergoing a wide variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures from initial consultations, through assisting in their operations and finally seeing their great results. In particular, being able to observe the consultation styles and decision making process of three such experienced surgeons was a great privilege. The exposure has greatly enhanced my appreciation of the aesthetic subtleties of plastic surgery and the many aspects of running a successful private practice.

I also used my time at the Institute to perform research on the outcomes of breast augmentation procedures at the Institute, and in particular the use of the new conical shaped implants, compiling a paper which I presented at the combined New Zealand and Australian Plastic Surgeons’ meeting held on the Gold Coast in July. Furthermore, during this time I was able to share some of my plastic surgery experience through teaching sessions with trainee surgeons in public and nursing workshops at private hospitals.

I am extremely grateful to the patients, the surgeons and all the staff at the Institute for the time, knowledge and experience that they so generously shared with me.”