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As summer nears, many of us will look to shed the accumulated weight of the winter comfort food.

There is no doubt that regular exercise and a healthy diet are the best prescription for weight loss and a trim figure, yet many of us find that there are areas of fat deposition that seem to defy our best efforts. In men this is often around the beltline and male breast, whereas for women the hips, thighs, saddlebags and buttocks are often the culprit. This is where body contouring surgery is of benefit.

At the New Zealand Institute of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery our surgeons have extensive experience in all methods of body contouring including liposuction, tummy tucks, arm reduction, thigh lifts and body lifting procedures.

Liposuction has received much media exposure – often portrayed as a simple procedure lacking in sophistication. The reality is somewhat different. Performed properly it is a highly effective and refined technique requiring the skilled eye and attention to detail of a Plastic Surgeon to achieve optimum contour without dimpling or irregularities.

In addition to traditional liposuction we have utilised ultrasonic assisted liposuction since its introduction in the mid-nineties, finding it particularly useful for more fibrous areas or for revisional treatment. Recently modified and renamed as the VASER machine, this technology offers the same advantages of less bruising and is a useful adjunct to liposuction.

In many instances a fatty deposit is associated with laxity of skin that requires removal of both skin and fat. The commonest example is a tummy tuck where skin laxity following childbirth has never resolved. There have been significant advances in such “lifting” procedures over the past 5 years, often combined with liposuction to offer improved contour with faster recovery. After a significant weight loss, or after weight loss surgery, the shape of the body can change dramatically due to the extra skin. Body lifting procedures can be quite transforming for such people, and many of these techniques are directly applicable to those with more modest weight loss associated with adoption of a healthier lifestyle.

Our specialist Plastic Surgery nurses offer free no obligation consultations and can explain procedures, costs and recovery before you decide to see a surgeon.